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Mark unread tabs in FireFox

Sunday 03 January 2010 14:16

I'm a heavy FireFox user. When doing research these days my primary source of information is the web and the browser is my primary application. So I'm interested in everything that makes my FireFox life easier. I'd like to share the best tweak I know.

By Bert Slagter

When reading a page I open a lot of tabs. Search results to be checked out later. Interesting topics I stumble upon by serendipity. References an article links to. A simple ctrl-click and they're being loaded in the background for later reading. The following tweak marks an unread tab with any style you like.

Open the file chrome/userChrome.css in your FireFox profile directory. If this file does not exist you can create an empty one.

Put the following simple css rule in it, restart FireFox and you're done.

#content tab:not([selected]) {
	color:red !important;

See the Customizing Mozilla page on for more information about the chrome css files and lots of other tweaks.

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Placed on: 03-28-2010 14:04
Patrick van Bergen
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to be continuum
Another interesting way to manage your tabs is the Tree Style Tab Firefox extension: https://addons.mozilla.o...n-US/firefox/addon/5890 . Edward de Leau described it very eloquently in his blog: .
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